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    On this site you will find my work that has spanned over the course of the last few years. I have a strong passion for photography and have showcased it here. Take a look around and feel free to contact me with any questions you might have, thank you.

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    Photography Work

    Currently involved in portrait, wedding, event, product, vehicle, and landscape images. My schedule is pretty flexible to accomodate, Can provide references for work if needed.

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    I was born and raised in Cleveland, always had a camera in my hand, capturing images from my travels within the city. I got addicted to photography at an early age using 110's and film, eventually buying my first DSLR. From there I started in the import/tuner car show scene doing event photography for a few years shooting the vehicles and models at the shows, that is what gave me the idea to get my portfolio started. Lately I have expanded to weddings, product, and sports events.

    One of my first ventures into photography was landscape, specifically the night shots of the city lights. To me there is almost nothing like seeing that, especially if it's near a lake, the camera calms the water and the lights from the buildings and bridges give you a scene that is unmatched visually. Whenever I travel I make sure I have my tripod so where ever I am I can get some city lights.

    My Interests

    • Music - creation, guitar, and piano
    • Motorsports - riding motorcycles, attending race events
    • Recreational sports & activities - Rollerskating, working out, volleyball, and mountain biking
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    • Portrait
    • Event
    • Landscape
    • Product

    About My Work

    Portrait & Weddings

    Portrait photography I would say is what I shoot the most of, using available and artificial lighting to create high-quality images. I have done wedding photography for 5 years now, spent a bulk of that time as a 2nd shooter for a friend, learning the basics.

    Product & Event

    Product photography I have done for companies from small gaskets to large vehicles. I take a look at a project and see what I can showcase and capture to make it look appealing and professional. Event photography I got started on in 2003 covering car shows, a few years after I started shooting race (track, dirt & drag) events and air shows.


    Landscape is something I grew up capturing mostly within the city, the downtown lights were always appealing. Everything takes on a whole different look than during the day.

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    Eli Anthony
    Mentor, OH 44060

    Telephone:  440-339-9354
    Email:  eli@elianthony.com

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